Interpreting Positive Test Results

In managing symptomatic patients, a positive fetal fibronectin test result can be a helpful indicator to increase confidence in intervention. Even if these patients do not deliver within 2 weeks, they are significantly more likely to deliver before 37 weeks than patients who have a negative fFN test.

7 days = 12.7%
14 days = 16.7%
< 37 weeks gestation = 44.7%
  • Identification of patients who can most likely benefit from intervention
  • Opportunity for antenatal steroids
  • Preparation for optimal neonatal care
A single course of corticosteroids is recommended for women at high risk for preterm delivery.3 A positive test result can help guide management decisions related to administration of antenatal corticosteroids.3

How many patients must be treated with corticosteroids to prevent one case of Respiratory Distress Syndrome?4

fFN Testing: Positive 17 
No fFN Testing: 109 
fFN Testing: Negative 509 



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